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HNC Newsletter

Over the past two years Help Net Charity, Inc. has been dedicated to helping its community by connecting the medically needy and senior citizens with transportation, food, clothing, social, health and education services to those that have the desire to improve their situations.

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Help Net Charity, Inc. (HNC) Dry Cleaners is a for profit organization which supports all philanthropic efforts of the non-profit side.  Originally founded in 1989 as All Stars Tailor, Alterations, and Dry Cleaning; HNC Dry Cleaners strives to provide timely, quality services with customer satisfaction being their top priority. Those quality services continue to include expert tailoring and alterations, laundry and dry cleaning services.

HNC’s non-profit business was established in 2009 as a federally recognized 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization.  HNC’s mission is to provide support services to prepare the community to succeed in their lives, society and beyond. Cultivating the value of education, mentoring and service, HNC embraces change and encourages self-sufficiency through life-skills management and employment training programs. In addition, HNC provides financial assistance, medical support, and transportation services for any and all individuals demonstrating need.

Mr. Vilvales Delices, the owner of HNC, started from meager beginnings. His story is not much different than anyone else, as he carried big dreams in his heart. The tailoring and alterations profession is a skill that was passed down to him through his family in Haiti, so he perfected it. He came here to the U.S. to share his passion for tailoring and people. He has over 27 years in this industry and customer service.

Through this dry cleaning training program, it’s his vision to see lives changed for the better. Dry cleaning is more than doing someone’s laundry, but it takes patience, stamina and character to finish. Dry cleaning may not be your dream, but it’s a great foundation and new beginning. Great success awaits you!